Our Promise

We treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We want clients to feel the same pride when wearing the pieces from our jewelry store that we do in making them.

Our Story

Materials & Jewelry Production

Vrooman Designs Studios produce all custom jewelry in Asheville, NC. To the very best of our knowledge, the diamonds, gemstones, and recycled metals that we use come from reputable companies that supply ethically sourced and environmentally responsible materials.
The artist David Vrooman using a blowtorch and tongs to custom make a wedding band using rose gold

Unique Jewelry Designed to Perfection

I very much enjoy working with clients to create a custom piece to your tastes. The design process is one of my absolute favorite parts I'm making any custom piece.
Hand drawn pendant made from Lotus garnet with diamond accents. Example of custom sketch before crafting of jewelry piece.

Pride in our Craft

Attention to detail is always of utmost importance, whether making a custom wedding band or a unique moonstone pendant we always take price in every piece.
David Vrooman using a file to hand make a ring.

Jewelry Repair & Resizing

If your jewelry requires any periodic refurbishment, whether resizing, repairing or restringing, we highly recommend that you send it to us, as special techniques are used to craft Vrooman Designs jewelry to achieve our signature look.
Unique emerald ring made of 14 karat gold with diamond accents by the artists David Vrooman