Custom Work

Custom Work: I welcome inquiries about custom work! I very much enjoy getting to know who you are and what you like so I can design a special piece for you that represents your preferences as seen through the lens of my design sense.

How It Works

The initial consultation:

First, all consultations are free. We start with the basics, face to face if possible, or on the phone. These are a few of the things I like to determine to get an idea of your preferences:

What kind of piece (ring, pendant, etc.)

What metals do you prefer

Stones or no stones (Yes, I do work with customer stones.)

Do you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical?

What is your price range?

Particularly for phone consultations, the web page is a valuable resource for conveying your thoughts (“I really like texture of the third ring, but the materials of the earrings”).

Face to face meetings can generally take place at our home studio or Ariel Gallery, both in downtown Asheville. It is also possible to meet at craft shows that we are planning to attend.

Initial renderings:
Once I feel I’ve got a good handle on what you want, I’ll e-mail sketches of proposed ideas. In the first round, there could be 2, 3 or more. Then, I will make a follow up call so we can discuss the details (“I like the second drawing best, but with an oval stone instead of the round…”)
Second rendering and estimate:
Once we’ve established the basics of the design, I can begin to fine tune the particulars, both aesthetic and structural. There could be some more back and forth as we collaborate on the details. Once I’ve amassed all the necessary information, I’ll outline it in e-mail form with a cost estimate.
Deposits and time frames:
Upon placement of your order, a 50% deposit of your total purchase will be charged to your credit card or personal check. Balance will be charged upon completion and the piece will be shipped once payments have cleared. Please note that custom orders are nonreturnable and nonrefundable. Time frame can vary widely depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of materials. Most custom orders run around 4 to 6 weeks, but call for details.
In general:
I make every effort to understand your wants, as well as have you understand the details of the design before I pick up the first tool, in order to avoid any surprises. That said, most pieces are very close, but they are never exactly as depicted in the renderings. The metal is a force of its own that will always leave its unique mark on the process. As an artist, it is my job to allow for that and even encourage it within the parameters of the project. A finished piece will be absolutely unique and one of a kind that can never again be exactly replicated.
In conclusion:
I began my path as a metal smith in 1991, and it has been the sole focus of my professional life since then. I take great pride in what I do from the largest to the smallest project. Each piece I make is a statement of my love and dedication to the craft, as well as a means to make a real connection with that person who chose me and my work above all others. I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you, and thank you for your consideration!