Opal Rings

Designing the ring of your dreams starts here, we will work with you every step of the way from coming up with a plan, picking your stone and creating sketches of how your ring will appear. We will create a ring that is one of a kind just for you.

Designer Opal Rings

Custom made just for you. Opals are one of my favorite stones with work with, their dramatic colors and variations make each stone unique


Ethiopian Black Opals

Mexican Fire Opals

Australian Boulder Opals

Black Opal Rings

One of a Kind Custom Rings with gemstones from Ethiopia and Australia.


14K Yellow Gold

14K Rose Gold

White Gold and Silver

Opal Engagement Rings

Looking for a unique engagement ring without a diamond center piece, opal is a great choice. Each stone are visually unique and make perfect engagement rings.


Conflict Free

Sustainably Collected

Safely Harvested

Hand Selected Stones

When selecting an opal, there are many considerations. We always do our best to ensure our stones are ethically sourced. We have been dealing with our suppliers for years to obtain the best and most unique opals.

Crafting Process

Looking for the ultimate in personalization for your unique ring, you want a custom ring designed to your specifications. Dave can guide you through the process from dreams to reality, from selecting a opal to caring for your opal ring. There are many considerations when you are picking a gemstone and opals are no different.

Design Process Custom Opal Rings

Let's Talk

First we start with a consultation to go over your goals, ideas, and budget. This is were we get the creative juice flowing.

Design the Ring

Next, I put pen to paper to make and draw sketches of the rings we have discussed. As a jewelry designer, this is my passion, and I take great pride in working with people to make this dream ring.

Craft the Ring

Now we are to the actual crafting of the ring. We will handcraft your opal ring every step of the way.